An Award-Winning Experience In Sweden's Southernmost Wilderness.

It's A Magical Feeling To Be On The Water And Look Out Over The Ancient Forest.

Halen is Blekinge’s largest lake and together with its surroundings a major centre for outdoor activities. Here you will find plenty of hiking areas, nice trails through forest and land, along the lake and rest areas. Start in the nature reserve Halen and hike down to the shoreline where Olofströms Kanotcentral is located and offer great variety of paddle possibilities; kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and fishing kayaks and then glide out over the glittering lake.

If you prefer to hike, there are several hiking trails to choose from. Along Rödhultsrundan you will walk through the deep beech forest that was the haunt of snapphanarna during the 17th century.If you want to hike a longer distance, you can connect to blekingeleden which passes by Halen, before continuing as Skåneleden on the other side of the county border. You can combine to hike skåneleden from Kanotcentralen towards Tvätthallarna, Bökestad up to Brotorpet and then choose to Paddle again via Filkesjön, Raslången and Halen to Kanotcentralen. An experience of 4-5 days.

Enjoy a full day and paddle through the connections in the nearby lakes. Bring your fishing equipment and try your luck fishing – the canoe centre has paid the fishing card to you. Step ashore, pick up the packed lunch or make a fire at one of the rest areas.


The right of public access is a right for all people to travel over private land in nature, to temporarily stay there and, for example, pick berries, mushrooms and some other plants. The right for you to see, pick and experience the lovely nature around you, as long as you respect it.


You get to make your way on foot, bike, and ride in nature, but private land, planting and managed land are prohibited areas. Don’t forget to close the gates after you.

You can camp with a tent for 24 hours. To camp longer, near houses or with several tents, you should ask the landowner for permission.

On the water

You are allowed to go boating, lie temporarily moored, go ashore and swim at the beaches, except near dwelling houses. Please note that there are bird protection areas and other areas where it is forbidden to stay.


You can fish freely with rods and some other hand tools along the coasts and in our five largest lakes. In other waters, a permit is required. Free fishing does not include phishing, angel fishing, trolling and draught rowing.

Dog and hunting
Leave the animals’ nests and young alone. Harming or molesting animals is prohibited. For the sake of sensitive wildlife, dogs must not run loose in the wild from 1 March to 20 August. Also at other times, the dog must be kept under close supervision in the wild. In outdoor areas and on islands in the archipelago there is often a need for a connection.

In the summer, there is often a fire ban. Then all open fire is prohibited – even when prepared fire places. Otherwise, it is allowed to make a fire under extreme caution. Put it out carefully! Never burn directly on the mountain! It bursts with ugly wounds that never heal.

Berries, mushrooms and other things

You may pick wild berries and mushrooms, and flowers that are not protected. However, it is forbidden to cut down trees or shrubs without permission, break branches or twigs, take birch bark or otherwise damage growing trees.

Bring the trash!
All outdoor littering is prohibited. Broken glass, cans, plastic, fishing lines and other debris can harm both humans and animals.

Protected nature
This is the symbol of protected nature such as national parks and nature reserves. It usually applies to special provisions which may restrict the right of public access.

In both the nature reserve Halen and the nature reserve Pieboda, the regulations do not allow to make a fire other than in specially prepared fireplace. It is also not allowed to damage or burn dead wood found in nature.


Nature Reserve And Ecopark

Here you can rent a canoe/kayak for a lovely tour of Blekinge’s largest lake Halen, or the natural connections between the lakes Halen, Raslången, Gillesjön, Filkesjön and Immeln. If you want to get between the lakes by canoe, it means overbearings of varying lengths and we recommend canoe cartfor this purpose.

The area is suitable for beginners as well as families with children and it is possible to paddle anywhere from a single hour up to a week.

In both the nature reserve Halen and the nature reserve Pieboda, the regulations do not allow to make a fire other than in specially prepared fireplace. It is also not allowed to damage or burn dead wood found in nature.

Within the area there are 15 organized rest areas and overnight accommodation that are marked on the detailed map you receive when renting a canoe. At all rest areas there is a shelter, fireplace, toilet and garbage can. Olofström municipality charges a service fee to everyone who paddles with overnight stay in the lake system. This means that wood is available at the rest areas and that you do not have to bring firewood in the canoe/ kayak.

You can choose to start and end your canoe trip at The Canoe Centre in Olofström. It is also possible to start or finish at another location within the lake system, as we can offer transport services of canoes.

The canoes we have for rent are Linder’s aluminium canoes, Inkas 525 is Linder’s large canoe that is registered for 400 kg. For those who need extra stability, for example when fishing or if you are disabled, pontoons are available to borrow.

Ekopark Raslången was inaugurated on October 6, 2011.

Ekopark Raslången is Sveaskog’s southernmost ecopark and the only one of its kind in the southern deciduous forest belt. Here Skåne and Blekinge meet, at the elongated and clear-deep lake Raslången, which has given the eco park its name.

The eco park extends down to lake Halen beach in
Boafall. In this wonderful environment there are7 overnight places for canoeing and kayaking.

The nature reserve is located on at some steep slopes on the south-east side of Lake Halen. It is a large contiguous deciduous forest area with natural forest-like beech forests and marsh forests, a wetland complex and grazed pastures on old arable land. There are high natural values associated with beech-dominated deciduous forests and wetlands. You can hike on blekingeleden and other trails in the area, or canoe here on lake Halen.

In the pieboda nature reserve, the regulations do not allow the setting of fire other than in specially prepared fireplaces. It is also not allowed to damage or burn dead wood found in nature.

Are You Wondering About Something?

We are here for you, whether you need to ask a question or find your way here. Whether you are wondering about accommodation, kayak courses, fishing rules, paddle passes or the possibility to travel here collectively, we want to make it obvious how and why you should visit Halen.

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